Dr. Rishikesh V Behere has expertise in and offers treatment for stress disorders

Anxiety, OCD
Chronic pain symptoms
Sleep and Sexual problems
Relationship problems
Difficulties in adjusting to stressful situations
Drug and behavioral addictions
Stress related to chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid problems, PCOD, asthma, cancers etc.
Cognitive difficulties such as Dementia and ADHD
Emotional disturbances and mood swings (eg. Bipolar Disorder)
Strange and unusual experiences (eg. Schizophrenia)

Consultation Process:

Every individuals stress is unique and a result of biological, psychological and environmental factors. Hence the consultation involves a professional, individualized and scientific approach to understand the unique factors causing stress in each person. You can read more about stress disorders here.

A thorough evaluation for all medical and stress related causes is done and, a comprehensive treatment program is discussed with the clients. Scientific evidence suggests that in most cases a combination of medication and psychotherapy works best for treatment. While medication, if necessary helps in quick control of symptoms placing the client on the path to recovery; psychotherapy involving cognitive-behavioral principles and understanding the mind body relationship helps in correcting the incorrect thought process and equips the client to handle stress better, hence enhancing the chances of preventing future recurrences of stress related disorders.